Da G-Technology la prima famiglia di drive esterni SSD

g-technology-g-raid-mini-laptop.jpgAl recente Macworld Conference & Expo di San Francisco,
G-Technology, produttore di soluzioni di storage professionali dedicate
al mondo Mac, ha annunciato una nuova famiglia di drive esterni SSD
(solid state drive) in formato 2.5"
. Di essa fanno parte i G-DRIVE mini
, disponibili in tagli da 120GB e 250GB, e le soluzioni RAID 0/1
G-RAID mini SSD, da 250GB e 500GB. Ciascuno di questi drive può
sopportare shock estremi fio a 1500Gs, elevate vibrazioni e temperature
superiori ai drive tradizionali, oltre a poter lavorare ad altitudini
più elevate. Sono disponibili con tripla interfaccia USB2.0, Firewire
400 e Firewire 800 e consentono transfer rate di 60MB/s in scrittura e
75MB/s in lettura sfruttando l'interfaccia più veloce delle tre a
disposiione. Maggiori informazioni nel comunicato stampa (in inglese)

Macworld Conference & Expo (Booth #1544), San Francisco, January 5, 2009

G-Technology, a Fabrik company and manufacturer of premium storage solutions for the Apple® Mac® community, today announced a new family of external drives based on 2.5” solid state drive (SSD) technology – the G-DRIVE mini SSD (120GB and 250GB) and the RAID 0/1 G-RAID mini SSD (250GB and 500GB). Known for delivering performance, style and reliability, G-Technology has married its premium design with state-of-the-art solid state drives, making the new G-DRIVE mini SSD and G-RAID mini SSD the most rugged and durable external drives in the market. As high-performance, plug-and-play storage devices, they are ideal for extreme users who capture, offload and edit digital content in challenging remote environments. Because the drives have no moving parts, each drive can withstand extreme shock up to 1500Gs and can endure higher altitudes, vibration and temperatures when compared to traditional hard drive-based solutions. Leveraging inherent benefits of SSDs, the new G-DRIVE mini SSD and G-RAID mini SSD also provide higher data transfer rates, lower seek times and use less power, all while delivering a cooler, quieter operation. 
“These are not your daddy’s drives – unless he requires the most durable, bleeding-edge storage
technology on the market,” said Roger Mabon, vice president of Fabrik’s G-Technology product group.
“These products target a very niche market segment that understands the cost benefits of using a
superior quality, yet simple, SSD-based external storage solution. Nothing comes close to their quality,
performance and reliability.”
Extremely durable and compact, the new G-DRIVE mini SSD comes in 120GB and 250GB capacities, and
features a triple interface (FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0) to provide fast access to HD video,
G-Technology Launches Industry’s First Family of External Solid State
Drives (SSD)                                   
audio, and other dense multimedia files. Data transfer rates top 60MB/sec write and 75MB/sec read
speeds when using FireWire 800. Weighing in at just 8.5 oz, the G-DRIVE mini SSD can be literally
thrown into a gear bag for “grab n’ go” ease. No external AC power supply is required as it is USB or
FireWire bus-powered. 
From blazing speed to rock-solid durability and data protection, nothing comes close to the new, two-
drive, G-RAID mini SSD. Featuring a quad eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interface, the
G-RAID mini SSD provides RAID 0 performance delivering up to 195MB/sec data transfer rates. The
system supports the playback of five simultaneous ProRes 422 HQ streams and a single stream of
uncompressed HD when attached via eSATA.  A simple user interface easily configures the drive to RAID
1 data mirroring for professional shooters using cameras such as the RED ONE, Panasonic P2 and Sony
SxS who want to offload their footage to a redundant SSD-based system. The G-RAID mini SSD comes in
250GB or 500GB, with the latter holding more than 5.5 hours of ProRes 422 footage! Perfect for the road,
it is light, compact and FireWire bus-powered. 
Available in January 2009, these new G-Technology SSD storage solutions come formatted HFS+ and
mount on a Mac desktop or laptop right out of the box. Suggested retail pricing for the G-DRIVE mini SSD
is $599 for 120GB and $1,299 for 250GB.  The G-Technology G-RAID mini SSDs are $999 for 250GB and
$2,199 for 500GB. All drives come with a standard three-year factory warranty. For more information,
please visit http://www.g-technology.com.



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