Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter

Nemmeno i migliori ricercatori sono riusciti a capire come questo
gioiellino possa raggiungere tali prestazioni… Scherzi a parte,
Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter è un dispositivo, nato per ambiente Mac,
ma utilizzabile anche per sistemi Windows, che vi permetterà di
aumentare la ricezione del segnale Wi-Fi di circa il 600% rispetto ai
ricevitori tradizionali. Il nuovo prodotto supporta i protocolli di
sicurezza WEP/WPA/WPA2 ed è capace di sostenere incredibili velocità.
Il lancio ufficiale è previsto per giovedì prossimo, quindi dovremo
pazientare ancora qualche giorno, prima di poterlo toccare con mano.

Your geek cachet can only
increase if you've got a satellite dish attached to your laptop. It
helps if the dish in question is actually useful–for instance, when
it's an antenna to help you get a signal even when you're a few
thousand feet from the nearest Wi-Fi.

Hawking Technologies knows this and has offered a Hi-Gain USB-based
Wireless-G Dish Antennas for a couple of years. Now, the 802.11n
version has arrived to provide faster speed and more distance, and
equal geekiness.

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The Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter
has a slightly new look for Hawking's dish adapters, but it works the
same: Set it on a flat surface near your laptop, flip up the dish, plug
the base into the USB port, and point the directional dish toward the
access point you want to reach.

To support 802.11n, the adapters have to support the faster speeds
(300 megabits per second) and fancy technology of 11n (called MIMO), so
it sports dual antennas to handle the multiple in, multiple out
signals, all while still working with older 802.11g/11b networks.
Hawking says the dish design helps deliver an extended range of as much
as 4,000 feet from you to the AP, which is about 6 times the norm. (The
Wireless-G dish adapter could promise just 3 times).

The adapters support the full litany of Wi-Fi security, from lame-o
WEP up to the best WPA2. They comes in separate versions for Mac OS and
Windows with applicable drivers, each $109.99 list.


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