Karelia Sandvox 1.5.2

karelia_sandvox.jpgKarelia ha rilasciato un importante aggiornamento per Sandvox, il proprio software per il web design basato su template e sul drag&drop. Come iWeb questo software promette la realizzazione di siti web di buon livello senza la necessità di conoscere specifici linguaggi di programmazione, ma consente come Rapidweaver anche di cimentarsi con il codice html per aumentarne le funzionalità. Questa nuova versione 1.5.2 introduce alcune nuove funzionalità e una lunga serie di bugfix che vi riportiamo per adesso in inglese …

Nuove funzionalità:
– Autosave is now performed on a background thread
– Backups/snapshots are also run in the background when autosaving.
– Title List and Download Page indexes now support navigational arrows
– Saving a backup or snapshot now brings down a sheet with a progress indicator.
– Sandvox now reads Firefox cookies in order to auto-detect registration code when purchased from the browser
– Added new hidden preference DisableSecureUploadCache (the default for this is NO so that uploadCachePath uses the more
secure NSTemporaryDiretory() but setting this default to YES will
change uploadCachePath to use ~/Library/Caches which should result is
shorter, less obscure paths for uploading)

– improvements to Amazon List
– improvements to automatic naming of Archive Pages
– improvements to banner image cropping
– improvements to Collection Index pagelet
– improvements to Contact Form (allow email field to be hidden, default message text is now honored)
– improvements to Continue Reading link editing/generation
– improvements to drag-and-drop of media
– improvements to Export
– improvements to Format menu validation — Clear Styles should now work again
– improvements to image handling
– improvements to memory management
– improvements to Page Archiving, page archive naming
– improvements to Photo Grid Index
– improvements to QuickLook previews
– improvements to Raw HTML page output with the 'Fill Entire Page' option selected
– improvements to Sitemap
– improvements to text editing
– improvements to Undo
– improvements to various designs
– improvements to #next-photo and #previous-photo navigation links in photo albums "&" characters in URLs are now properly encoded
– better handling of non-ASCII text on Archive Pages
– better handling of summaries of External Link pages
– changing a File Download page's contents now updates the underlying file name accordingly
– clicking an internal link now opens that page in Sandvox, rather than switching to the default browser
– collection contents are now published to the new, updated path if the collection's file name is changed
– empty collection titles are now handled properly
– Export now handles paths with non-ASCII characters, such as option-f
– File Download pages now properly handle content without file extensions
– General Collections now respect the "link to timestamps" option
– Indexes now load plug-in specific CSS
– performance improvements when reloading Web View
– re-enabled editable summaries for certain page types
– Sandvox now passes a baseURL into WebKit when applicable to allow relative paths for Pro users.
– stability improvements to autosaving on Tiger (OS X 10.4)
– stability improvements
– the Web View now reloads ignoring the cache, allowing changes to underlying CSS to be reflected immediately
– updated to latest iMedia Browser
– updates to help
– updates to localization
– updating a page's title now updates the title of any related archive pages
– upgrading a Sandvox document to a new version now only republishes those pages where absolutely required


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